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Introducing The Ai-Smoke Ti 340 Mini Driver

Everything you need to know on day one and there is a TON more coming.
This is just a little taste:)

Quick Notes from the limited Tour Testing

  1. There might be one in play this week (see pics below)
  2. Players like the ball speed and the higher window it flies out of, which sits right between a hot 3-wood and a driver.
  3. The testing showed that Ai 340 could be practical off the ground despite its deeper face, even for players with a steeper AOA.
  4. On TOUR, it’s a viable option for the higher-speed players that want something with driver-adjacent ball speed BUT 3-wood spin. Think hot but soft.
  5. Optimal launch conditions looked like this 165-175MPH, 3100-3200RPM and 11-12 Launch

The Pitch via Callaway Golf

The all-new Callaway Ti 340 Mini Driver now features the most sophisticated face in Callaway history, the Ai Smart FaceTM, which uses real player data and advanced machine learning. The Ti 340 Mini Driver is the club that launches higher with more spin, producing a softer landing off the tee. If you’re a player looking for an alternate tee club, the Ti 340 Mini Driver is ideal. Designed with shorter shafts and a smaller overall footprint, the mini driver will deliver consistent distance to hit your specific yardage with tight dispersion.

Titanium Construction for Driver-like Action

Ti 340 Mini Driver delivers driver-like action with the launch of
a fairway wood. The titanium construction and Ai smart face provide exceptional ball speeds with tight dispersion. The Mini Driver will give players a higher ball flight and softer landing off the tee, resulting in improved distance consistency on challenging tee boxes that require precision.

World’s First Ai Smart Face Designed Using Real Player Data

The all-new Ai Smart Face optimizes driver performance using swing dynamics from thousands of real golfers. These swing dynamics, or Swing Code, consist of swing speed, club delivery, and face orientation just prior to impact. This promotes optimal launch conditions and tight downrange dispersion, optimized precisely for the Mini Driver.

Micro Deflections Create Multiple Sweet Spots

With Ai Smart Face technology, micro deflections are activated upon impact helping to optimize launch and spin on off-center shots. The result is sweet spots not just in the center, but all over the face.

Front & Back Weighting for Optimal Launch

Utilizing a front / back weight screw design, players can further dial in their optimal launch and spin numbers. A 4g front weight and 12g rear weight can be flipped to lower spin and encourage a more piercing ball flight.

What I think:

Although I’ve been torn on the idea of a Mini-Driver after talking it over with some of our staff and their caddies, I’m beginning to become a believer. Here’s the deal with the why and how of a mini-driver. It’s PERFECT for these players.

  1. Anyone looking for a driver alternative who is willing to sacrifice distance (compared to a driver) for accuracy should consider this. For some, it may replace a driver.
  2. Any high-speed player looking to rely on a Mini-Driver for Par 4’s and short Par 5’s, leaving the big dog for those movements when you need to hammer one. AND can hit a 4 or 5 wood a good distance as well. THIS IS YOUR TOUR PLAYER; ELITE AM SCENARIO.
  3. Anyone looking to get more ball speed/distance out of the three wood section of your bag. This would be TOUR SCENARIO B.

Look at it like this:

Let’s face it: 3-woods are generally a substantially less forgiving second-tee club option than drivers. They have a smaller head, are very low-lofted in some cases, and are very hard to fit. They are, without question, the most finicky club to get right on tour.

If the MOI of a driver is 4900K, for argument’s sake, and a 3-wood lives in the 2400K region. It makes sense to create a product that lives closer to a driver MOI at a shorter shaft length (center strike percentage goes up) that more or less launches like a driver with a 3-wood spin. This gives any player a WAY higher percentage option versus a 3-wood. HOWEVER, this is OFF THE TEE. The scenarios flip a bit once you get in the fairways.

I’ll be doing some testing in the coming weeks, as I’ve only hit protos over the past couple of years. I’ll find the pics. The early version was a HEATER but didn’t spin…AT ALL. Think 10 launch at 2100 spin…heaters. But it’s no fun.

More to come, including a first impression video

Happy Hunting



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