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Against All Odds: The Amazing story of Team Callaway Member Misha Golod

If you have been following the story of Misha Golod you will know that his path to today was quite a heroic one. As it’s been told beautifully already I’ll let Joel Beall’s article paint the picture.

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Let’s get to Today:

Mykhailo Golod, or “Misha” as his family calls him, is a 15 yr old Junior Golfer from Kyiv and that country’s top young player. Ukraine isn’t known as a Golf country, only truly adopting the game in 2005, long after the Berlin Wall fell. In a country with under 5,000 golfers total, that he’s even playing golf is a miracle, let alone a player that is quickly making a name for himself in big U.S Junior events and abroad.

Ranked in the Top 500 Juniors globally, Misha was on a bit of a heater in the months before the invasion. He had a Top-10 at AJGA Orange Bowl and a T-3 at the Doral event. Add those to some dominating performances in Europe and come mid-February 2022, life was good…until it wasn’t.

Social Media is a fascinating thing. When the crisis began, word spread about the young golfer and his family, fighting to survive in the chaos. Hall of Fame swing instructor David Leadbetter got wind of what was going on and helped mobilize a team to get Misha out of Ukraine and over to safe harbor. The offer was a full scholarship to his academy, which includes school, living, and a daily reprieve from the troubles in his country. It sounds incredible but keep in mind this young man is part of a family, and the idea of leaving his loved ones behind wasn’t a snap-of-the-finger decision…at least for Misha.

“My father was the driving force in making me feel secure about doing this. It was important to my parents that my hard work and dreams weren’t taken away no matter what was happening here. My father is a great man, and my family will be safe under his care; he gave me the confidence to take this chance and make the most of it; that’s what I intend to do.”

This, to me, is one of the beautiful parts of this story. The guilt and worry of leaving home when your family is in a situation like that aren’t easy for anyone, but situations like this take perspective..lots of it. In my eyes, his parents saw a window for their son and weren’t going to let even war interrupt that. What’s the alternative? Does he stay? Put the clubs away, and all of his hard work and dedication get put on hold for circumstances WAY out of his control. His parents gave him a gift by taking the world’s weight off his shoulders. It’s not his cross to bear.

“My dad told me to not worry about what was going on at home, block it out and focus on myself. I can’t help the world by posting on Social Media from Ukraine, but I can do some good by taking this opportunity and making the most of it.”

I had the opportunity of having a zoom chat with Misha for this article, and it was apparent to me right away that this kid takes NOTHING for granted. He’s intense, thoughtful, and has the perspective of someone 5X his age. I don’t think the current circumstances in his country made him that way either; it’s just who he is. He has a plan, probably had one for a long time, and he’s not the type to let up until it’s realized.

The three-year plan is to continue to rise in the AJGA ranks and get a scholarship to Vanderbilt, UNC, or Wake Forest.

“I love golf and school; these three do both very well. I’m very aware that my education and getting a degree are necessary to get where I want to go. Whether it’s professional golf or anything else.”

And oh BTW, he’s already winning in the states:) Huge win at Champions Gate and add a Top 10 at the prestigious Terra Cotta INV. with rounds of 70/72/73

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A post shared by Mykhailo (Misha) Golod (@mishagolod_)

The relationship with Callaway:

“I have always been a huge fan of Callaway and played their clubs pretty much throughout the bag. When I got to the states, a few companies reached out to support me, and I’m very thankful, but the team at Callaway, led by Amy Nicholas, just made me so comfortable. Thanks to them, I have a team around me that wants the best for me and how I perform. It’s been an amazing experience.

David Leadbetter on Misha:

“Misha is mature way beyond his years, and it was like this before the events in Ukraine. These European kids travel around Europe, playing team golf in different countries, Euro Champs, etc. Often without their parents, so they really grow up quickly.

Misha is a deep thinker, and hard worker and is driven to succeed. As a sidebar, he can tell you who won every major championship for the past 30 years and on what course! So he has a great sense of history.

He has plenty of length, a sharp iron player, a solid short game, and sound technique which has improved quite a bit in the past 3 months.

His major asset is his self-belief and how he manages to turn negatives into positives even when things aren’t going well, he finds a way to score. Like any young player, there is still a long way to go with shot varieties and his wedge game but he is smart enough to know what needs to be done.

I really expect him to be one of the top juniors in the country within a year or two and he is loving the challenge and the opportunity he has over here. To put aside what is going on at home and still be able to focus and play well with all eyes looking at him says a lot about his character and mindset. He’s a remarkable young man.”

Misha Golod WITB:

Driver: Rogue ST Max LS (9@10) w/ Graphite Design AD IZ 6S

3-wood: Rogue ST Max (15) w/ PX Evenflow Riptide 60S

5-Wood: Rogue ST Max (18) w/ PX Evenflow Riptide 60S

Irons: (4-6) Apex ’21 (7-PW) X-forged CB w/ Aerotech 110CW S

Wedges: Jaws MD5 50/10S, 56/10S, 60/08C w/ DG Tour Issue S400

Putter: Tri-Hot 5K #2

This new putter I have in the bag (Tri-Hot 5K 2) has been a complete game-changer. It’s my favorite club in the bag.”

Ball: CSX ’22

Quick Q&A:

Apple Music Playlist: Rap, all kinds of Rap and American Pop

Walk Up Song: Pop Smoke

Favorite TV Show: Peaky Blinders

Netflix Playlist: My sister locked me out

What Non-Major would you like to play in: Players or Pebble Pro-Am

Favorite Major: The Masters

Dream Foursome: Rory, Tiger and Jack, at Augusta!!

Welcome To Team Callaway, Misha!! We are proud and honored to support you on this golfing journey.

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