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Chrome Soft X LS: Is this the best Callaway ball ever?

The title is a serious question.

Over the past 25+ years playing golf, I have tried, played, and tested most Callaway Golf balls. Yes, even the “Rule 35 (that ball was mint btw).

HOWEVER, I have never seen a ball like the Chrome Soft X LS. As you can see in the video, it checked off every box I required, but since filming, I’ve had even more time to dig into this unicorn, and my affections have grown stronger.


There are three main reasons, but let me identify the aspects discussed already.

It’s Fast at the top of the bag: Driver to 6-iron, I picked up much-needed ball speed. 3-5MPH, to be exact.

It launches higher: In my case, not too high because of what this ball allows me to do. With my driver, I want LAUNCH. The rest of the bag I want FLIGHT. Simply put, after Driver, my attack angle goes from 4 Up to 2 down, and for me hitting down means a way lower launch angle, more spin, etc. With LS, I can hit down, get a little more height, and the spin stays in a playable pocket. CSX was awesome here, but with 3-wood to 5-iron, I want more launch with a hair less spin.

The new cover is the game-changer: The last version of CSX LS was too clicky for my ears, and as we know, sound is feel. With the 22′ and the Urethane Tour Aero Cover, CSX LS feels like CSX around the greens but flies like LS at high speed. Anytime you couple a soft urethane cover, the LS insides, and this dimple pattern you’ll get my attention quickly.

The new reasons

It’s REALLY stable on the way down: After it reaches its apex (no pun intended), the CSX LS, for me, keeps its integrity downrange. I draw the ball, and in some cases, the ball would be great on the way up, but mishits could get a little unstable on the way down. CSX LS doesn’t do that for me. My typical miss is center thin, which results in a high straight shot with not a lot of horsepower. CSX LS gives those shots just enough muscle to maintain its line, and the ball carries 3-5 yards further. That’s a new one for me.

It skips and stops: Some balls hop and stop, and some skip and stop. Growing up in Seattle, you learn to hit aggressive low spinners into the greens from 60 yards and in. Over the past year, I have had a blast with CSX playing that shot the way I know. CSX LS, with its softer cover, now has that shot in it where it didn’t last year. Last year it hopped (up) and stopped; now we have that nice forward skip before it hits the breaks. I don’t know how or why; it just does.

160MPH player masquerading as a 170MPH player: I haven’t picked up speed in the past year. When I’m fast, I’m 165MPH (this is rare), and when I’m normal, I’m 160MPH. With CSX LS, I’m the same guy with flight conditions, like a 170MPH player across the bag. I mean that with the new launch conditions, my center strikes go a bit further, but my misses go a lot further. For example, a center thin strike with a 7-iron (in stock conditions) carries 162-163. Center strike carries 170. With CSX LS, the thin one goes 166-167, and the center strike goes 171-172. That’s a huge spike.

Why is this happening?

I think it’s the cover, honestly. The insides of the old LS were there, but since I started testing this model, which was a Xander-only ball last year. I slowly started to see what all the R&D fuss was about. Yes, it’s low spin, but not in the marketing sense where low spin means more distance and less control. CSX LS is basically CSX but with 300-400 RPM’s less spin and just as good around the greens.

With the LARGE investment (50M+) Callaway made in our ball program, it’s no surprise that we landed on the performance of this golf ball and the consistency. The PT (Precision Technology) on the box is there for a reason. We take pride in knowing that our QC is UNMATCHED. That’s a bold statement with the competition we face. I stand directly behind it.

In the past few weeks, I have read a few articles from the media that have a new perspective on what we are doing over here on Rutheford Rd.

In my opinion, we went from a club company to a SERIOUS golf performance company. CSX LS is the symbol of that in my opinion. This ball is NO JOKE.

For me, it’s the best ball we have ever made.



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