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Epic Super Hybrid: Is this the longest Hybrid Ever?

Yes. It is. I have NEVER seen anything like it. Not only was I shocked by this, it almost got to the point where I felt I was out of my depths. Here’s the thing, it wasn’t the overall distance of this thing that got me, it was how it was getting there. In my travels I have yet to see a golf club that clearly wasn’t a driver, fly like a driver.

In testing, I was excited, perplexed, and ambitious to see if the Epic Super Hybrid was a legitimate step forward in speed and forgiveness. Everyone claims their sticks are long, but like the new new long? Like 10 yards, Oh My God long? It’s a rare occasion these days to pick up 10 yards of distance with any club let alone a hybrid.

Introducing the new Epic Super Hybrid, this thing is ridiculous in the best way possible…

This is what the Mother Ship has to say and then Ill dive in:


It’s a monster. When I tested this at ECPC and struck the first shot I actually hit it and looked out of the wrong window, I couldn’t see it because the ball went up probably 100+ feet in the air….like a driver. It wasn’t a high floaty shot either, it had down-range integrity and the ball didn’t move. The Epic Super Hybrid I tested was an 18 degree with the stock Aerotech 80G X flex shaft, so it was in my ballpark fitting-wise.

In the 18-degree range which for me is a 5-wood, my carry distance is around 235 yards and 148-152mph ball speed. I can hit anything in that degree range and get the same result + or – a couple of yards. This thing was going 245+ at a way higher peak height. It was nuts.

As with any club, you gotta break it down into the relevant categories, Look, Feel, Performance.


At address, it definitely has a larger footprint than your standard type hybrid, but it’s not on another planet. Let’s just call it beefed up. What I loved most about it was the square face angle which in the hybrid section is always a tough look to find. By nature hybrids just look like they wanna hook, this one does not. Keep in mind that it has an Opti-fit adapter and if needed I could have cranked it open even further.

The top line melts into the titanium face just the right amount and the carbon/titanium crown has a fast look to it that resembles something in the 💎💎💎 family.


This is the bit that I believe made it hard on my brain. The Epic Super Hybrid is a club designed for higher handicappers but it doesn’t sound like it at all. Typically some acoustics is sacrificed to accommodate weighting and head weight in a GI design but the Epic Super Hybrid sounds like a hammer across the face. That thump we all like? Yeah, this thing plays that tune.

Impact matches the sound, it’s heavy all over the face and the leading edge although on the straighter side gets into the turf just fine.


This is where things get nuts and all I can do is break it down from a ball speed and launch perspective (across the face). It’s so fast and such an MOI machine that the forgiveness resembles something in our Max driver family.

This is taken from a data sample of 30 shots at ECPC hitting into a gentle headwind and normalized launch monitor.

Epic Super Hybrid Testing Specs:

Loft: 18
Lie: STD
Length: 41
Shaft: Aerotech Steelfiber FC HY 80G X
SW: D2.5

Center Strikes:

Ball Speed: 152
Launch: 13
Carry: 246

Toe Strike:

Ball Speed: 146
Launch 11
Carry 239

Heel Strike:

Ball Speed: 145
Launch: 12
Carry: 234

AVG over the whole session?

Ball Speed: 149
Launch: 12.5
Carry: 241
Spin: 3375 RPM

Just out curiosity I matched it against my 💎💎💎T 5 wood at the same loft and a 1/2 inch longer.

Loft: 18.5
Lie: 57.5
Length: 41.5
Shaft: MCA Kai’li Proto 80TX
SW: D3

Ball Speed: 150
Launch: 10.25
Carry: 234
Spin: 3725


For higher handicappers, the Epic Super Hybrid is the biggest no-brainer I have ever seen. It’s fast, forgiving, looks good, and won’t go out of technology style for a long time. In all honesty, you wouldn’t want your hybrids to go much further than this thing goes. It’s totally maxed out for a hybrid. For better players, I would definitely add it to the convo in the 16 to 18-degree range, it’s not super practical past that point as a long iron replacement. I’m speaking to the 105MPH + driver swingers FYI. The only caveat (if there is one) is it only wants to go far and straight, it’s not designed to be responsive to shape shots. It’s designed for high, fast, steep landing BOMBS.

Happy Hunting




  1. Luca Imwinkelried

    August 17, 2021 at 6:29 pm

    16 degree head turned to 15 could be a legitimate 3 wood replacement

  2. Peter

    August 17, 2021 at 8:59 pm

    what’s my username?

  3. E

    August 25, 2021 at 4:04 pm

    Is this the “mystery prototype” (or retail facsimile) that Phil was testing a few months back? I tried the old Super Hybrid and loved it for a second shot on a few par 5s, but found it lacked some utility for other things. A high straight ball is easy, but a good high cut not so much. I love the concept, but it didn’t check all the boxes as a 5W (or 3UT, or Apex Pro 3H) replacement. I’d rather have consistency than “Hold my beer. Watch how far this goes!” I will probably try this new one because new…

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