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Introducing JAWS Raw Wedges:


One of the most challenging parts of this job is sitting on something I know my fellow gear junkies will LOVE. Truth be told, it was hard not to spill the beans on this one.

The new JAWS Raw wedges are, in my opinion, Roger Cleveland’s masterpiece. After decades of iconic designs, the JAWS Raw is the perfect blend of over 40 years of one man’s passion and modern technology. You cannot often say that we took a huge leap in the wedge category because wedges don’t typically change that much. Not in this case. These classic designs are PACKED with new tech that will positively impact YOU, the golfer.

Here is what’s new:

MOST AGGRESSIVE GROOVES IN GOLF: This is the big-ticket item on these wedges, we have always made a sharp groove, but these are insane. To start, the grooves are cut at a 37-degree to raise the groove angle giving serious hop and stop power. In addition, the Jaws Raw feature offset groove in groove technology. This allows the grooves to stay square even when the face is opened up.

RAW Face Chrome/Black Plasma: The face of every wedge is RAW, reducing glare and giving the player a look preferred by almost all TOUR players; this includes the toe pad. The back portion will remain Brushed Chrome/Black Plasma to retain curb appeal, which we all like. This will stay consistent at retail and on TOUR. Yes, the same finish you have will be the same #rahmbo has.

“Weight Balance Design”

Tungsten weighting: For the first time, the Jaws Raw wedges will feature Tungsten weighting in the sand and lob wedges. This new weighting system draws the center of gravity away from the heel and towards the center, ensuring tighter dispersion, distance control, and enhanced feel. This weighting system will be featured in lofts 54 and higher.

Variable hosel lengths: In harmony with the tungsten weighting, the higher lofts will feature a longer hosel while the lower lofts a shorter one. This makeup allows a more balanced CG throughout the wedge set, aiding in trajectory control.

Back Weight pads: Featured on the higher lofts, there is more weight on the high toe to raise the CG and help keep the ball flight down. Of the new tech, this is one feature I really love; ALL golfers can benefit from a lower penetrating ball flight with the higher lofts. The lower launch means more control and increased spin.

Leading-edge relief AKA Skid Plate: One of the most common modifications on TOUR is leading-edge relief (chamfer) which not only squares it off but also gives the player some early bounce or, as Roger likes to call it, a “skid plate.” It’s giving the players bounce (up to 33 degrees up front) in front and back. This will really help ALL golfers mitigate digging on square face shots.

4 Grinds/17 Loft configurations:

Introducing the new “Z” Grind: This is based on Roger’s grind on the Low Bounce W in the MD5 line. If you recall, last winter, he did one for Jon Rahm; it’s a more forgiving “low bounce” wedge with a thicker sole and leading edge relief PLUS a ton of eight up high and out towards the toe. This grind will do VERY well on TOUR.

The Grinds:

Z Grind
S Grind
W Grind
X Grind

Roger Cleveland:

I had a chance to ask the man behind it all Roger Cleveland for his take on what he created and this is what he had to say…

JW: Overall, what are you most proud of in this new design?

RC: First of all, I’m proud of the new sole design; it is an amazing tool and essential for firm lies that give people headaches (including myself); dulling out that front portion of the wedge buys the player a bit more time to get the wedge under the ball drastically reducing mis-hits and promoting crisper contact.

JW: Can you explain the new weighting and hosel design from a ball flight/performance perspective?

RC: It’s always nice to have a little higher CG in the wedges because it drives the ball flight down. The last thing we want is for the ball to ride up the face in that under 50-yard region, and a higher CG will keep it down all while increasing spin.

JW: Can you go into the development of the Z grind? What’s the inspiration for it?

RC: We had a low bounce “W” in the MD5 line. The bounce was correct, but it needed more help early, so I started creating a little chamfer on the leading edge with different thicknesses, and it played so well for so many players on TOUR it just had to go into the entire line. The extra weight up top and new tungsten weighting put this grind over the top. I’m very proud of this one.

JW: When building a three wedge system, what advice can you give regarding set-up IE Bounce/Loft, etc.?

RC: The most critical wedge to get correct is your highest loft which for most is 58 or 60. Matching that wedge to your CONSISTENT attack angle and the course/sand you play. If you are shallow, look into lower bounce profiles, and if you dig higher bounce. Once that’s satisfied, the rest is rather simple. Full shot wedges IE 50-56 can stay in the 10-12 degree region because, in most cases, you are hitting the ball first with those lofts. Proper gapping should be 4 to 5-degree gaps 50-55-60, 52-56-60, or 50-54-58. Remember, BOUNCE is your friend, but you have to get it matched to you, which is why getting fit by a PGA Professional or club fitter is so key.

JW: What wedges are in Rogers’s bag?

RC: I use a 60/08Z 54/10S @55 and 50/10S, so I gap in fives, my pitching wedge is 45, so I have 5° all the way through my wedges. Been doing it that way for a long time.

So what do we need to be excited about?

All I can do is relate it back to what I have experienced since getting my new set in February. The new weighting configuration is palpable, you can see the ball flying lower from 100 yds and in and the spin is undeniable. The nice thing is the higher lofts have that grip and rip type spin while the lower lofts provide more of a drop and stop action. I don’t want my gap wedge to spin like crazy but I do want the ball to stay down. These do that. The new “Z” grind is the best low bounce wedge I have ever played. Period. End of story. Why? It’s a low bounce wedge that simply doesn’t dig. Ever. I can’t stick that wedge in the ground all due to the new skid plate Roger put in there. This is the most complete wedge Callaway has ever released and that is saying a lot. I thought the MD line was stupendous but these new ones just leave no stone unturned. The reduced offset, straight leading edge, full raw face, and soft feel make these Jaws RAW a no-brainer. I can’t wait to hear the feedback from you all when they hit the shelves.

My new set up?

Jaws Raw

50/10S, 54/12W, 60/08Z w/ TT DG S400 Tour Issue.

Stay tuned for WOW videos on every grind coming VERY soon!!!

Happy Hunting




  1. Timothy M Kingston

    June 21, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    What wedge/ loft to use in very soft sand?

    • Johnny Wunder

      August 4, 2022 at 10:24 am

      One with a ton of bounce that wont dig

  2. Ryan

    June 22, 2022 at 1:12 am

    I’m a callaway wedge guy. I strongly dislike raw wedges. all your new wedges are raw. What do you say to consumers like me, who buy new wedges every year, but you’re only making raw?

    • Johnny Wunder

      August 4, 2022 at 10:23 am

      What do I say? I say give them a try and see if you can adjust. We have staffers that love the chrome as well and swapped into the raw quickly.

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