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The New Apex UT: Filling the gaps like a TOUR player

Believe it or not, this is the first time since joining Callaway that we have launched a new Utility Iron. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with utilities as I find the shape of them to be a bit bulky and if they are a smaller profile, they don’t have enough bounce. The other problem for me is spin, I either hit absolute no-spin nukes with them or spinny floaters that nobody has time for.

Until now.

The New Apex UT

The UT iron has been completely overhauled. From the new sleek shape to the improved sole geometry, to the 455 face, this iron is going to be the ultimate utility iron for everyone.

Ryan Ritchie
Callaway R&D Manager Irons

It must be stated early that this golf club like the rest of the Apex Pro series is for better players, pure and simple. As UTs go the new Apex Pro UT is fast, forgiving, etc. but at the TOUR level. Essentially the UT will serve two main functions, it’s either the middle club between your 3-wood and longest iron. In the case of someone like Min Woo Lee, it’s the club he uses to hit low bullets OR really high shots into a Par-5 although that one is rare. For others like Adam Hadwin, it’s a more forgiving, faster option in that 4-iron section of the bag.

The new Apex UT’24 iron is designed to provide better players with a powerful, yet versatile option off the tee when precision is paramount. The 455 forged face cup is engineered to provide exceptional distance while a revolutionary multi-material forged construction paired with our patented urethane microspheres delivers an unmatched feel.

Think mid/high launch with low/mid spin.
 Features & Benefits

Advanced Forged Performance and Powerful Precision

The Forged 455 face cup technology integrated into the Apex UT’24 iron offers outstanding distance, making it an ideal choice for long shots off the tee. This iron is not only powerful but also highly maneuverable, providing golfers with the ability to shape their shots as desired. Similar to our Paradym Irons, Rogue St Pro, and Apex Pro’24, the UT also incorporates Uruthene Microspheres to minimize the hollow feel and sound commonly associated with utility clubs. This means that the UT iron blends seamlessly with the rest of your set, ensuring a consistent and cohesive sound throughout. This feature is HUGE.

Dynamic Sole Design for Enhanced Turf Interaction

The Dynamic Sole Design of the new Apex UT ’24 irons is a key feature that enhances their performance. The pre-worn leading edge allows the club to cut through the turf more efficiently, reducing the chances of the club getting stuck or digging into the ground. This feature is particularly beneficial for players who struggle with hitting shots fat or thin.

Additionally, the trailing edge relief ensures a clean exit from the turf, preventing any unwanted dragging or slowing down of the clubhead. This helps maintain speed through the turf, resulting in more consistent contact and improved distance control.

In terms of design, the new Apex UT ’24 irons have a more compact shape compared to their predecessor. This compact shape provides a sleek and appealing look at address and inspires confidence in the player. The slightly shallower face promotes a higher launch, making it easier to get the ball airborne and achieve the desired trajectory.

Overall, the new Apex UT ’24 irons offer improved turf interaction, consistent contact, and a higher launch. These features make them a great choice for players looking for versatility and performance in their long iron game.

The new Apex Pro UT will be available in 18/20/23

My Take

As I said before, I’m not a UT player. I will always go to a 5-wood/7-wood/UW if given the option. However, in this series, I am looking at the 23 to replace my 4-iron. Why? Well, two reasons, it will be a much faster more forgiving option off the tee, and it may be the only club in my bag that I can actually hit LOW when I need to. The lower profile design and new sole allow me to get it into the ground much easier and have the confidence to drive one down if I need OR just make a more neutral pass and hit something high with low spin. That’s called versatility.

I’ll be doing much more content on the Apex Pro UT and the whole of the Apex Pro line in the coming months.

Happy Hunting



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tony Egan

    August 2, 2023 at 6:01 am

    Will the new Apex UT be bendable? I currently replaced my mizuno mp20 mb 4 iron at 24 degrees with a srixon zu85 4 iron at 23 degrees. That leaves a 4 degree gap between a utility iron and a blade 5 iron and its the best gaping I’ve ever had.

    I’ll be considering apex pro in 6-pw. 23 ut bent 2 degrees weak and half an inch short with a steel shaft. 20 degree ut bent 1 degree weak also a half inch shorter with steel. The lie angle’s seem to match up well with the apex pro to do this.

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