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The New Apex UW: Making Perfect…Perfecter?

The Apex Utility Wood (UW) was a game-changing introduction to the World Tours in the summer of 2021. Two years later it has become a go-to for several of the World’s best IE Xander, Burns, Akshay, and many more.

With its unique design and exceptional performance, the Apex UW offers a combination of tour-inspired versatility, spin retention, power, and control. I highlight spin retention because that has always been the hat trick with the Apex UW, for most players the spin window stayed REALLY tight up and down the face. For players at the highest level, that consistency is paramount against anything else.

“We saw an opportunity for more spin robustness across the face. Our engineers improved the face performance to tighten up down range dispersion and consistency. With its proven success in overall shape, we maintained the shape to deliver our player with a tour proven design.”

Ryan Ritchie
Callaway R&D Manager Irons

Tour-Inspired Compact Shape and Optimized Length:

The Apex UW boasts a distinct clubhead shape that has been meticulously crafted based on feedback from Tour professionals. This compact profile enhances shot-shaping capabilities and provides better control over the ball flight. Additionally, the club lengths are strategically set between a fairway wood and a hybrid, ensuring versatile playability while remaining easy to hit. This feature allows golfers to confidently use the Apex UW off the tee, in tight landing areas, or even from the rough.

Fast Ball Speed and A.I. Designed C300 Face Cup:

The Apex UW incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional ball speed. The A.I.-designed Batwing structure, positioned around the perimeter of the club head, stiffens the body, enabling the high-strength C300 maraging steel face cup to flex and generate impressive ball speeds. This combination ensures that golfers can achieve maximum distance and tight spin windows up and down the face. This in my opinion is the secret sauce of this stick in addition to the fact that it takes traditional fairway wood shafts as opposed to a hybrid shaft that for some can feel a bit boardy.

NEW FEATURE Enhanced Turf Interaction with Cutwave Pro Sole:

Versatility is a key aspect of the Apex UW, and this is further enhanced by the all-new Cutwave Pro Sole. Made popular in our now cult classic Paradym Hybrids, this streamlined design is specifically engineered to cut through the turf more efficiently, allowing for improved turf interaction and consistent performance on various lies. Whether hitting from the fairway, rough, or even tight lies, the Apex UW provides golfers with the ability to sweep it off the turf like a fairway wood or beat down on it like an iron.

High Launch, Consistent Control, and Tighter Dispersion:

The Apex UW is designed to offer a mid/high launch, steeper landing angles, consistent spin characteristics, and reduced draw bias. The center of gravity is precisely positioned in a neutral location, resulting in a well-balanced club that provides exceptional control and a tighter dispersion pattern. This makes the Apex UW an excellent choice for better players seeking a more playable hybrid or fairway wood that spins in a manageable capacity. IE No low spin HEATERS.

My Take:

As highlighted in my OG article, the Apex UW has been designed with input from Tour professionals to meet the demands of the best players in the world. That we know. It’s a unicorn in terms of filling that weird gap in the bag, you know that 17-21 degree section?

The success has been unmatched for what was just a TOUR idea to begin with but it turned out to be so good that they launched it to the public and couldn’t keep them in stock.

This 2.0 version took a 9.8/10 and made it 9.9/10, the new sole actually makes it better off of tight lies more than anything and the slightly longer hosel allows our TOUR techs the ability to bend them a bit easier for loft and lie. THIS IS A TOUR THING BTW, no need to bust out the vice and pliers. The last little nugget ill give you is the new UW spins a bit more all while being a bit faster (they cancel each other distance wise FYI). Why? The OG UW could get REALLY hot at times and live too close to a 3-wood (lower spin) for some players and this new version mitigates that a bit by the added spin.

My new setup?

Apex UW 24′ (19@18) w/ Fujikura Ventus Blue TR 8X (41.25 EOG, Tipped 1.5, D3)
Ball Speed AVG 152MPH
Spin AVG: 3498RPM
Launch: 11.2 degrees
Carry: 243 Floor/247 Tee

Nothing more to add, it’s a no-brainer. Well they both are, this one is just a bit more of a no-brainer if that’s even possible.

Apex UW will come in 17(LH)/19(LH)/21 with the MCA MMT 80 Gram shaft.

Happy Hunting


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