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The New Callaway Paradym Fairway Woods

2022 was a banner year for Callaway Fairway woods…well, all the Rogue ST woods, to be fair. But there is a reason Rogue ST was the #1 selling fairway wood in the US…playability.

Modern technology has allowed all companies to increase ball speed, reduce spin, and increase launch. All important features by any measure, BUT those three only make up half of the story. Playability (on the course) is what separates the men from the boys and ON COURSE is the ultimate touch point for golfers. We won that war in ’22.

The introduction of bat wing technology as a fairway wood version of Jailbreak allowed Callaway R&D to stabilize an already hot face and build a retaining wall to support the heat. Anyone can make a fast face, but the real trick is harnessing that speed to help golfers score.

In my travels, I have seen many kinds of fairway woods that fly more like drivers than 3-woods, that’s cool in a hitting bay, but mid-round, when you need to hit a shot, it’s a different story. Rogue ST elevated that on-course experience with speed, playability, spin integrity, and forgiveness.

Introducing Paradym

So what do we have now?

This is where it gets interesting; Paradym fairway woods deliver all the benefits we found with Rogue ST in an adjustable (yes, it’s back) and even more stable package. The word stability may seem overused, but it’s most likely the most important aspect that actually helps golfers. Out of the middle, most modern clubs fly forever; it’s the other parts of the face that golfers need help with. Heel strikes that don’t over spin, toe strikes that don’t underspin, rinse and repeat for up and down the face.

Stability harnesses ball speed and regulates spin, making mis-hits closer to center punch than ever before. That represents more performance ON THE COURSE where it matters. As a player that tends to hit it low on the face, Paradym fairway woods have tested seven yds longer off the bottom of the face VS Rogue ST.

If I had to describe the Paradym line in a few words, I would say….no compromises…you get speed and forgiveness whether you want it or not. I can’t imagine any golfer will ever have an issue with that.

Adjustability is BACK!!!

The Opti-fit hosel consists of two cogs – an upper cog and a lower cog – that rotate independently to provide a total of 8 possible loft and lie combinations. Players now have the ability to dial in loft and lie angles to dial in spin, launch, and face angles.

The adjustability is a huge upgrade, but I had to ask Callaway Director of Woods R&D Evan Gibbs why we went back to it, and this is what he had to say…

“Adjustability obviously provides some additional functionality, but it also results in a higher center of gravity, which increases the amount of backspin and could hurt total distance.  But this new construction method and AI optimization techniques have allowed us to include an adjustable hosel while lowering the spin rates vs. Rogue ST. A true Paradym shift!”

The Core Tech:

  • The A.I. Designed Jailbreak with Batwing Technology is pushed to the perimeter to stiffen the body while allowing the face to flex for incredible ball speeds. 
  • Groundbreaking use of Forged Carbon enables higher MOI, increased forgiveness, and outstanding ball speeds. 
  • The Tungsten Speed Cartridge pushes the CG low and forward for optimal launch and spin, with more speed for maximum distance. 
  • Industry-leading A.I. face optimization enhances speed, spin, and downrange dispersion.

The Three Models

Paradym: ADJ in 3-wood

The Marketing Pitch: With progressive shaping and the most extensive offering, Paradym Fairway Woods will be the go-to model for players who want a consistent launch and neutral ball flight. An adjustable hosel in the 3W and 3HL models gives players additional control to dial in launch and spin.

Who: Tour Player to 20 handicaps. The perfect combination of spin/speed/launch/looks etc. It was the first head of the bunch I tested in earnest, and my ceiling stayed where it was, but my floor was raised substantially. This will be a sleeper hit on Tour. I have a hunch.

Paradym X ADJ in 3-wood

The Marketing Pitch: Paradym X is built for a higher launch and MOI vs. Paradym STD, along with a generously stretched profile at address. 

Who: Higher handicappers OR slower speed players looking for a bit more launch, a bit more spin, and a VERY slight draw bias. Paradym X will come stock at a slightly more upright lie angle and a VERY slight heel-side CG.

Paradym Triple Diamond (ADJ on all models)

The Marketing Pitch: The Paradym Triple Diamond model is our most compact fairway wood shape with a deeper face vs. Paradym STD. It’s a TOUR head with adjustability. Think Mid/Low Spin and mid/high launch. No carbon on the sole of TD for the very purpose of head weight needs to be maintained to dial in spec at higher speeds.

Who: Burns, Noren, Xander, etc. Low handicaps, higher speed players. What I like most about what they have done with TD this year is it resembles the shape of the OG Rogue SZ with the flight of Rogue ST LS. It gets up in the air, isn’t crazy low spin anywhere on the face, and the adjustability allows fitters to really dial in a shot shape or look. It’s a true TD fairway wood.


Obviously, there is always Callaway speed that you can expect with any of our fairway woods, but across the board (all three models), you will see that not only are they even more stable across the face than Rogue ST, but the spin windows are incredible. None of the heads dip down too low or spike too high. That’s the performance you will truly want to see on the course and in tougher conditions.

YES, they are hot, but the control and versatility of all three models will give golfers that “go-to” feel that is essential in a good fairway wood. For me, it’s the mishits that made the biggest case, out of the bottom of the club (thin shots), which is my primary miss; I am still getting 4 to 5 more MPH ball speed and 2 to 3 degrees of launch. That alone is unlike anything I have ever hit.

My Take: We always make good fairway woods….always. What I find interesting about Paradym is the lack of tradeoff that typically happens. That goes for all three models. Speed is there, the launch is there, spin is there, optics are on point, and the playability is off the charts. I’ve hit them all quite a bit at this point, and I’m jacked up to show you what I experience with them on the course. I’m having a hard time finding any setbacks here. It’s going to be a fun 2023.



  1. Eugene TUNG

    March 29, 2023 at 11:47 am

    Johnny do you see people bending the non-adjustable 5 Wood of the standard Paradym model for a flatter lie and a stronger loft? (For how many degrees?)
    Would be great if heavier head weights could be a part of the offering such that those fighting left-misses could DIY their “Paradym UW” with shorter shafts~

  2. Eugene TUNG

    April 17, 2023 at 11:11 am

    If you don’t mind I will ask a clarification question please this time. May I ask what is the default lie angle for Paradym TD 5W? 56 on the US page but 56.5 on the Japan page. Their standard lengths also differ. Thank you~

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