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The New Rogue ST Drivers: SPEED Refined

It happens this time every year. It’s LAUNCH SEASON!! Most of the major OEM’s unveil new drivers with promises of new distance, sniper precision, and eternal bliss. It’s my favorite time of the year because it offers me and all golfers that one thing we all cling to…..HOPE.

“Maybe this one will be the unicorn.”

That’s the dominant thought in my head, and 🦄 typically means a rocket launcher, but these days I’m looking at a few other bells and whistles besides the rocket ball…I want versatility AND speed. I want it all.

The truth is Callaway has been an industry leader in the speed category for years, with the introduction of Jailbreak Tech and the A. I tuned Flash Face; our drivers have undoubtedly proven to be straight-up speed machines. But how helpful is speed without control? And I’m not talking about forgiveness; I’m talking about practical, on-course control.

That’s where the story of the Rogue ST Drivers gets interesting to me. We made the fastest GOLF COURSE drivers I have ever seen.

Let me explain:

Introducing the ROGUE ST Family of Drivers

I use the phrase GOLF COURSE drivers because, in my opinion, there is a difference. Modern drivers tend to play well in the hitting bay with the launch monitors, but challenges arise when you get them out on the course. A lot of that has to do with miss optimization. In my opinion, a good driver is more dialed to handle your worst than it is at enhancing your best. A good shot is a good shot, but it’s that off-center strike that separates a good driver from a GREAT ONE.

That is something Callaway R&D has focused on even more over the past few years. With the introduction of the A. I tuned flash face we have been able to slowly but surely take an already FAST face and dial it in to retain speed and spin and enhance the quality of the MISS.

Trust me when I say they all fly perfectly out of the middle of the face, but all players, even those on TOUR, mis-hit it, and as we have heard countless times, Golf is a game of misses.

The Technology of ROGUE ST

Jail Break Speed Frame: The GOAT of driver innovation. Since its inception 5+ years ago, we have revolutionized face stabilization in harmony with raw speed. You want our secret to speed? Look no further.

Flash Face: The A.I Tuned Flash face gives the player the fastest face in the game and one that is optimized for each specific head. In my opinion, the Rogue ST face is the best blend of SPEED and nuance in any driver we have built to date.

NEW Titanium Speed Cartridge: This is where Callaway can create even more MOI across the face without sacrificing spin or launch tolerances. This new weighting system gives fitters the ability to distribute weight in perfect harmony with the CG while ensuring spin and launch windows remain the same.

Triaxial Carbon Body: The new matte black carbon crown and sole not only looks amazing but also allowed Callaway R&D to move the saved weight (from the all-titanium housing) out into the perimeter and interior of the head, creating our most stable driver ever.

What does all that add up to?

An insanely long driver with very tight dispersion across the face. Simple enough.

We have made VERY fast drivers, VERY forgiving drivers, and in some cases (like Epic Speed) came very close to having our cake and eating it too. The ROGUE ST is the combination of the best of our technology and feedback from TOUR and the masses (IE You and I), and we now have that 🦄 I mentioned before. Fast, forgiving, responsive AND my misses are pleasing? Yes.

Me personally, I don’t need to know my driver will fly forever if I hit it outta the nuts they all do that; I need to know the ball will stay in my hands when I don’t……I want good misses…Hell, I want great misses!!!

As we go along the early stages of the #gorogue tour, I will be doing multiple pieces of content, breaking down all the nuances these things provide as I learn them. I just got a new Porsche 911 Turbo…I need time to get to know her:)

The Lineup:

There are four drivers to choose from in the Rogue ST line. Why 4? Because we take pride in ensuring every golfer has a fine-tuned driver to fit their needs.

We do extensive player testing throughout the year, and it’s clear that offering golfers more options is the recipe for giving anyone the chance to get a driver that is dialed in. Why limit the golfer? I love that we do it that way, and it makes more and more sense to me every day. For example, the Max LS version is the perfect grey area for faster players who need a little extra spin mitigation while keeping that high MOI profile for forgiveness. It’s not a common offering in the market, but we have one.

What: Combination of ultimate speed and forgiveness. Slightly draw biased.

Who: Will fit into the widest range of golfers from your TOUR players to 20+ handicaps. Specifically, the player hunting for premium ball speed with that extra bit of forgiveness across the face.

What: Everything the Rogue ST Max is PLUS a bit more draw-biased to encourage a right to left flight or neutralize a slice.

Who: Same as above; oddly enough, the head is so efficient that it could work for good players that want to hit tight draws all day or a higher handicapper that needs the extra muscle to keep it online and reduce unwanted spin. This head is my sleeper thus far. It’s stupendous.

What: Slightly altered CG location in the same Rogue ST housing to give faster players a lower spin, lower launch flight.

Who: Faster players who over spin the ball but still need forgiveness across the face. Tour players up to 10+ handicaps will most likely respond very well to this head.

What: Tour-inspired shape, fade biased, low spin, responsive, shotmakers driver. Gearheads can rejoice as this is the same head on the truck in 2022. Think Jon Rahm; this is his driver.

Compared to the Epic Speed 💎💎💎LS, the Rogue ST will give the player a better start line outta the toe strikes (IE ball doesn’t dive for the left rough), more speed outta the toe/heel, and slightly better spin efficiency out of mis-hits.

Who: TOUR players, elite amateurs, scratch players, or anyone that hits it well enough to take advantage of the neutral CG and nuances of this head. To make this one sing, you gotta hit it around the center…even the mishits. It’s forgiving for a TOUR driver ill say that.


In my opinion, this is the strongest Driver lineup we have ever assembled.

Long/Fast? Yes. Forgiving? Yes.

Trying to enhance the miss while ensuring gains are met out of the middle is a recipe that any golfer will respond to. I’m expecting quick adoption on TOUR for the simple reason that the ROGUE ST is everything Epic Speed is but better in every category. That’s not hard to say, and I ADORE the Epic Speed. How can you argue with 3 Majors and a gold medal?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think this year will be even better. This line-up is that good.

Looking ahead

We are just in the infancy stages of this #gorogue endeavor and to be quite honest, ill be learning more and more as I go along on TOUR and with my own bag. We are just getting started over here.

MUCH more content to follow including:

-Tour Feedback from Kapalua, The SONY Open, Amex, Torrey, Pebble, Scottsdale, Riv, and into the Florida swing.

-Continuous behind-the-scenes content on TOUR momentum, updated WITB and stories from the TOUR.

-My full Rogue ST fitting video with Gerrit Pon

-World of Wunder Podcast Launch

-Tour Testing content from Fall/Winter 2021 (This was really cool)

And so much more.

It’s time to #gorogue

Stay Tuned




  1. Luca Imwinkelried

    January 4, 2022 at 8:34 am

    Can you tell us anything about the Triple Diamond S head on the USGA conforming list? Looks really small to me.

  2. Gino

    January 4, 2022 at 7:49 pm

    With the weight in the back being tungsten, my only concern is trying to get swing weight while playing a 44.5” driver. Mavrik had weights you could buy and switch out. Will that be doable with the Rogue ST Max?

  3. David gilreath

    January 25, 2022 at 3:15 pm

    When will we be able to buy one ?

  4. Joe Wetmore

    January 29, 2022 at 4:53 am

    I like the looks of this driver and all the hype.

  5. Joe Wetmore

    January 29, 2022 at 4:55 am

    I’ll find out how it fits me in a couple weeks as I have a fitting scheduled

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