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101: The Apex TCB w/ Tour Gallery

Figured it was a good time to dig into these as they are BY FAR the most asked about iron in our line. Earlier this year I broke down our player’s irons (see link below) and I briefly went into TCB. With Rahmbo’s win at Torrey, it’s time to dig into these a little further.


Created as a reboot to the popular Apex Pro Double Dot (pictured below) the Apex TCB is a forged players CB integrating Callaway’s back weighting system that locks in CG and swing weight. From a performance standpoint, the Apex TCB launch lower and spin a bit more than its counterpart X-Forged CB ’21. It has less offset, shorter blade length and less bounce than XF21 offering players that like that blade look in a cavity back head the perfect option.

The question I get from time to time is “what does the TCB have internally?”. The answer is not much. No Flash Face Cup like you see in Apex ’21 only the A. I driven Tour Tuned Face Plate that dials in spin and launch.


According to the man that designed them Callaway Golf’s Scott Manwaring it was a labor of love that started with the development of the Apex Pro Double Dot that were designed with the help of then new staffer Xander Schauffele.

Xander Back-Up from 2020, the original gamer had no stamping
Xander Back-Up from 2020, the original gamer had no stamping
Xander Back-Up from 2020, the original gamer had no stamping
Lee Janzen
Wesley Bryan

“The double dot is an iron that I’m very proud of, we took the idea of the Apex Pro and added nuanced shape, lines, and setup that gave Xander exactly what he was looking for. I have a signed head on my desk from Xander as we speak. It represents a lot of hard work and what is possible when we can hyper-focus on making an iron for one of the premier ball strikers in the world.”

-Scott Manwaring Callaway Golf Director of Design

As with any great iron, the tour presence didn’t stop with Xander, many of our staffers put the iron in play and continue to game them. Players like Si Woo Kim and Wesley Bryan come to mind.

With Apex TCB, Manwaring and the R&D team took the DNA of the double dot made some very subtle refinements to the shape (top line, par area, etc). The biggest to-do was implementing the new CG/Swing weight system that you see in the current lineup.

“It didn’t make much sense optically to use the circle weight that we do with the Apex MB, I was actually inspired by some of the things Odyssey/Toulon were doing in regards to weights. They always had a seamless appearance and I wanted to try and integrate that into XF21 and TCB. After some serious trial and error, we found the recipe. What we have now is a true player forged CB that almost instantly gets the response from our players.”

-Scott Manwaring Callaway Golf Director of Design


This one was actually quite un-dramatic, JR took one look at the TCB, set it down, and fell in love VERY quickly. The lower launch, blade-like look with the forgiveness he wants was all fully cooked.

The OG Rahm Set
The OG Rahm Set
The OG Rahm Set
Rahm Gamers
Rahm Gamers

“It was kind of a one and done with Jon” “I just got a 4-iron signed by him for my desk, that’s the club he hit into #16 which was one of the coolest things for me to see”

-Scott Manwaring
Callaway Golf Director of Design


  1. Less offset
  2. Less bounce
  3. Shorter blade length
  4. TCB Launch lower
  5. Spin is apples to apples


Akshay Bhatia
Branden Grace
Sam Burns


As a true gear head, it actually shocks me that I haven’t really dug into these yet. I’ve hit a bunch of 6 irons at ECPC and compared them to my XF21. Spin was the same, launch was slightly lower and TCB was a little easier to turn over oddly enough. I do like the less bounce aspect to them, especially in the short irons (tried an 8-iron) where the turf interaction is amazing. All in all, if I were to integrate these it would be 7-PW at the most, having too much fun with the Apex ’21 4-6 😂.

Hope this info helps





  1. Justin

    June 23, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    But you can’t buy them in the US

    • Johnny Wunder

      June 23, 2021 at 6:52 pm

      Go to our website dude

      • Justin's Dad

        June 24, 2021 at 4:08 pm

        You can’t order them directly from the Callaway website…the page redirects to a map ( and the “box” within the photo says, “Get Fit”…

        Perhaps the link is broken or Callaway has already sold out???

        Wouldn’t it have been easier to just sell them in January with the Apex DCB, Apex, Apex Pro, X-Forged 21, Apex MB…

        Bubba Gump

        • E

          June 24, 2021 at 11:05 pm

          I got mine a few months ago through a specialty fitter, and I am glad I did. These are a set of clubs that you really want to be fit for. I think they are avoiding the mass markets, since this is a more limited market and availability club. As Johnny mentioned, they are low launch, soft, precise, and a true tour player’s club. This combination doesn’t apply to many people. For the right person, with the right swing, with the right shaft fitted, they’re “stick it two feet from the pin” magic. To me, they are the best I have ever had and I love them.

          I know that many golf shops at clubs and public courses can also get these. My own club has ordered me a Triple Diamond driver head and has some other specialty clubs from Callaway on order for other members. Your local course’s shop is a good resource and Callaway is supporting that retail channel by offering specialty (and standard catalog) items through them. Your local hardworking PGA Club Professional is also a great resource. Many are fellow gearheads, too. They may know your swing, and could make some valuable suggestions about how to configure them (or better options for you) if you aren’t going through fitting. That experience is something you can’t get online or through a big box store.

          If you Google “Callaway Apex TCB”, you can also find some of the online retailers offering them. I wouldn’t knock any online retailers, but I would strongly suggest you get fit or at minimum go through your course’s golf shop. It is well worth the investment for better scoring.

    • Todd

      June 24, 2021 at 5:35 am

      Mine, purchased here in the US, showed up today. Can’t wait!

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