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Paradym Ai-Smoke Fairway Woods and Hybrids: One smart step further

The “Fairway Wood/Hybrid” category is one of two (Golf Ball being the other) that has continued pushing the limits further with every iteration. It’s the only section of the bag on TOUR where “it’s too long” ever gets mentioned.

After the launch of the Rogue ST LS 3-wood (which, in my opinion, was the fastest 3-wood EVER), Callaway TOUR R&D had some decisions to make. That Rogue ST LS platform was a complete missile launcher and the only 3-wood with which I have ever hit 160MPH ball speed.

They had LONG in hand, but how could they incorporate SPIN, NUANCE, and FORGIVENESS into a design that helped players on TOUR and all golfers? How can you make something that fast…smart?

Let’s be clear: DISTANCE always sells, but QUALITY GOLF COURSE SPEED is different. In a vacuum, selling something FAST will always be a popular choice, but the long game, no pun intended, is to increase performance for our players…ALL THE TIME.

Then Paradym was launched, and BOOM, we were on to something. Paradym calmed those waters by making the fairways AND hybrids more efficient where the distance gained had a practical use ON THE COURSE where it counts. The new chassis configuration had a big part to play there, but in all honesty, there was still performance meat left on the table. The Paradym Std. Launched high with spin, and the Paradym TD launched low with spin. Simple right? But there was more to do. Let’s take that same idea and stretch it out across the face as far as humanly possible.

Even on TOUR, players wanted something that would mitigate spin volatility, which simply means mishits that could get a little unruly.

Hybrids are no different; long is good, but more spin and stability will actually help us all shoot lower scores.

Introducing Paradym Ai-Smoke Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Tech Story (All Models)

The new Paradym Ai Smoke fairways represent a quantum leap forward in Callaway’s Ai journey. This new family of fairway woods features the most sophisticated face in Callaway history, the Ai Smart Face. This face uses real player data and advanced machine learning to create a series of sweet spots all over the face. 

Breakthrough Fairway Performance Powered by Ai Smart Face

Ai Smoke Fairway Woods utilizes Ai Smart Face, a breakthrough technology in face design that utilizes thousands of actual player swings. Every Ai Smart Face is designed to optimize launch and spin, creating sweet spots across the face.

What Ai-Smart Face actually does…

In VERY simple terms, it’s a response to real player strike patterns creating a face (based on the model) that more or less enhances everything. Robot testing can give you a broad idea of what the face needs to do to support certain strike points, but it doesn’t truly factor in multiple angles of attack, dynamic loft from all angles, etc. Ai-Smart face does.

For example, a low heel strike will actually launch higher with retained ball speed and manageable spin. In the past, that shot launched low and spun like a top. Why? Because that’s a typical response for most clubs out of the low heel. It makes total sense just to try and make that as good as you can, but what about changing the quality of the strike altogether? Asking the face to react DIFFERENTLY…

The point is I’d much rather have the higher flight with good spin than something low and heading for the pond.

Make sense?

This concept applies to both fairway woods AND hybrids in exactly the same way. Essentially, these are clubs that, by nature, need to get up in the air easily with a tight spin window and optimized ball speed. Unlike drivers, that have no yardage ceiling (hopefully), fairways and hybrids begin the gapping of your bag and need to exude some reliability. Hence, they are the trickiest things to fit in the golf bag.

The Models:

The Fairway Woods:

Ai-Smoke Max

With progressive shaping and the most extensive offering, Ai Smoke Max Fairway Woods will be the optimal choice for players who want a consistent launch and neutral ball flight.

What: Neutral CG, lower profile, high launch, mid-spin, HIGH ball speed, Adjustability

Who: Any player Tour to Mid Handicap looking to get the ball up easily with speed.


Ai-Smoke Max D

The Max D fairway wood delivers our most forgiving shape and highest launch with a draw bias.

What: Fast, high launching, forgiving, draw machine

Who: mid to high handicaps looking for help getting the ball in the air and moving left.


Ai-Smoke Triple Diamond

The Triple Diamond fairway wood will benefit better players who want to work the ball and desire a penetrating ball flight with low spin. An adjustable hosel allows golfers to dial in the trajectory further.

What: Tour shaping, low launch, low spin, neutral CG, deeper face profile, adjustability

Who: Tour, low handicaps, college, elite athletes, etc.


Ai-Smoke Max Fast

Max Fast will benefit golfers seeking lightweight and easy-to-launch performance with draw bias.

What: Very light, draw-biased package for players needing help with launch and ball speed.

Who: Lower-speed players, higher handicaps, low launchers


The Hybrids:

Contemporary Hybrid Shaping for Modern Golfers

The new Ai Smoke hybrid features a brand-new contemporary design. With a larger overall profile, we’ve amplified forgiveness and instilled confidence at address. A more pronounced sole camber also offers enhanced turf interaction, ensuring precise, clean contact.

Exceptional Distance from the Tungsten Speed Cartridge

Experience exceptional distance with the innovative Tungsten Speed Cartridge. By seamlessly integrating high-density tungsten, we’ve strategically repositioned the center of gravity (CG), positioning it both low and forward. The outcome: low spin coupled with impressive ball speed.

The Models:


What: Fast, forgiving, mid launch, mid spin, adjustable, accurate, neutral CG, versatile

Who: Rose Zhang to a 20 handicap

Specs: (Adjustable Adapter)

Ai-Smoke HL:

What: High launch, fast, forgiving, mid spin, versatile, adjustable

Who: Mid to high handicaps

Specs: (Adjustable)

Ai-Smoke Fast:



Specs: (Non Adjustable)


I’m going to keep it 100 here because I think it’s essential. The Paradym Ai-Smoke fairways and hybrids took what I would call a 10 out of 10 platform with Paradym and recreated it with something that includes all the good stuff but adds (in my opinion) about 10% more forgiveness across the face.

So, are they faster? On mis-hits, HELL YES! To be fair and to not get overhyped out the middle for me, it was apples to apples vs. Paradym, which is JUST FINE. I dont need to hit my 3-wood 270… or a 4-hybrid 230. That wont help. What does help and what we do get with this Ai-platform is 3-5 yards of more carry out of a complete mis-hit. Not a slight mis-hit…a serious mis-hit.

Our fairways and hybrids got longer in the right spots, which is out on the toe, heel, and center thin. I honestly can’t think of what else you would want out of this section of the bag going forward.

I’ll be doing some pretty extensive testing as we go along to show what this all looks like, on course, but in the early stages, I’m confident in saying that Ai-Smart Face may change the game forever.

Its a wild time.

Happy Hunting



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