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Performance Time Machine: Introducing the new Great Big Bertha Metalwoods, Fairways, Hybrids, and Irons

Flashback to November last year when we introduced the Epic Max Star family of golf clubs. My old man was the tester, and his performance continues to be unmatched.

See the video here:

I knew Callaway R&D was on to something truly unique, combining ULTRA LIGHT and PREMIUM components to create a club that offered players at a slower swing speed the ability to CREATE speed without changing anything. My Dad did it; he’s longer through the bag than he has been in YEARS.

Knowing what I know now, Epic Max Star was the early look at what was to come:


The Idea: A SUPER-premium and lightweight profile designed to help players increase swing speed and, in turn, maximize distance across the board.



of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind; superior:

I had to add this bit because it’s something that cannot be ignored—every component in this line is Top of the Class for quality, innovation, and performance.

  1. Forged Carbon
  2. LOTS of Tungsten
  3. Triaxial Carbon
  4. UST Helium Nanocore
  5. Winn Dri-Tac Lite 2.0 Grips
  6.  Forged Titanium Face & CP Ti body in the irons
  7. A.I designed Jail Break and Flash Face
  8. Opti-fit adjustability in Driver thru Hybrid

That’s a list of upgrades you would see on a Mercedes AMG, not a set of clubs.

Great Big Bertha Driver

The Specifics:

IT’S LIGHT: With an overall weight that sits up to 30 Grams lighter than a TOUR driver, the GBB affords the player a few more MPH of swing speed.

Carbon, Carbon, Carbon: Forged Carbon sole coupled with a Triaxial Carbon Crown gave Callaway R&D a ton of discretionary weight to repurpose around the head to increase MOI (IE Forgiveness)

A.I. Designed Speed Frame and Flash Face: The Jailbreak Speed Frame makes a strong foundation for speed (accurate speed) across the face. That, paired with Flash Face, mitigates unwanted spin or lack of off-the-toe and heel strikes.

Premium Components: Coming in at 40G, the UST Helium Nanocore is a stable yet smooth profile in a VERY light package.

Great Big Bertha Fairway Woods:

The Specifics:

Titanium Face & Body: Titanium provides the player with a STABLE feel and the benefit of weight conservation, allowing Callaway R&D to make the head larger, more forgiving, and easier to launch. This Titanium design is typically reserved for drivers.

A.I Designed technology in a Multi-Material design: The Titanium body is layered with Triaxel Carbon on Top and Forged Carbon on the bottom to save weight. There is up to 50G of internal Titinaium in each head and a 15G steel plate on the sole to create a low/deep CG for optimal launch. The stability is created by Jailbreak BatWing technology which stabilizes the hitting area allowing the face to flex at impact for speed. A. I Flash optimizes spin uniquely for each loft.

Great Big Bertha Hybrids:

Driver Tech in a hybrid design: By far our most ambitious hybrid to date fully equipped with Titanium, Carbon, Tungsten and Opti-Fit to dial in loft and lie. It’s a driver hybrid. Think Epic Super Hybrid at a VERY light weight.

Titanium: Like the fairway woods, Callaway R&D designed the GBB hybrid with strong yet light titanium to decrease weight (up to 100G) and transition that savings into other parts of the head.

Triaxial Carbon Crown & Forged Carbon Sole: Triaxial Carbon was also used in the Crown and Forged on the sole to save even more weight across the board. Essentially the whole package maintains stability/ball speed/forgiveness while at the same time offering the player something ridiculously light.

Dual Tungsten Weighting: Callaway R&D reinvested the weight savings into dual tungsten, which controls the face and stabilizes the strike to optimize speed and overall spin.

Refined Shape: Added relief in the leading edge gives the players on the steeper side the ability to hit down and interact with the turf, much like an iron.

Great Big Bertha Irons

Forged Titanium Face & CP Ti Body: Like the rest of the line, the GBB irons have driver DNA with a forged titanium body. The use of Commercially Pure Titanium equals 96G of saved weight that has been redistributed to support the ultra-thin A. I designed forged face. It’s the first iron incorporating Titanium and A. I technology to optimize ball speed and spin for each club head. Like the Rogue Irons, Urethane Microspheres are packed in to enhance the strike and acoustics. I’ve never hit an iron with this much tech that sounded and felt like a forged MB.

MONSTER IRONS: 145G of Tungsten is utilized to make the GBB the lightest, fastest, and most forgiving irons in their class.

Tungsten Speed Cartridge: 145G of Tungsten buried LOW and DEEP to increase launch, ball speed, and optimize land angles. It’s the lowest CG of any iron Callaway has made to date. I have been the most impressed with this across the line: the ball gets up FAST and lands STEEP. For players like Capt. Petersen and my Dad, that’s a HUGE benefit.

The Takeaway:

Simple. They are PREMIUM, light, strong, and VERY fast. When we did our initial testing, I swung the GBB 4MPH faster than my gamer, and my ball speed increased by 7MPH. Lightweight technology is the way of the future, in my opinion. GBB is the most elevated version of that on the market, and my hunch tells me it’s only the beginning. If you are a player on the other side of 60 years and want to hit it as you did in your early 50s, the GBB is well worth the investment.

If there was ever a set built like an F1 race car, this is it.

Happy Hunting


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