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Reddit AMA Question of the week: Let’s Talk about Hybrids

This week in a Reddit AMA I was asked the question above…

Yes, it’s specific to that player, and they mention older models, but the question itself inspired a thought…if I was new to golf OR hybrids in general, HOW WOULD I FIND THE RIGHT ONE/S?

So to answer this golfers question and give you all a 101 into what we have to offer, I thought I’d do a true deep dive into all of them, and hopefully, it gives players at every level some perspective.


I’ll get this out of the way now…Callaway has a WIDE swath of hybrids to choose from. Why? Because in that part of the bag, it’s better to have many options than just one.

Integrating a hybrid into the bag is far-reaching; they could be an iron replacement, fairway wood replacement, get out of jail club, tee club, primary out of the rough club, etc.

As you can see, it’s that part of the lineup that requires a TON of versatility, and it can be tricky picking the right set-up. I’ve seen quite a few players play hybrids that work against them, and in most cases, it’s the wrong profile and/or at the wrong parts of the bag.

So….How do I know what Hybrid will work for me?

First, let’s break down the hybrids (excluding B21 and Epic Star Max) we offer and wrap our heads around that…

Easiest way to do this is to group them by profile:

Forgiving/High Launch/Fast


Epic Super Hybrid: A hybrid built like a driver. Titanium crown, jailbreak, flash face, and adjustability. High Launch, High MOI, and LONG. Longest hybrid design I have ever tested, by a long shot.

Who is it for? Players needing to bridge the gap in launch, speed, and forgiveness OR high-speed players looking for another 3 or 5-wood option.


Rogue ST Max/OS: High Launch, Mid Spin, and ALMOST as fast as Super Hybrid. It’s the most forgiving profile that I’ve tested. I grouped Max and Max OS in the same bucket as they sit very close to each other, with the OS giving a bit more help and launching a touch higher.

Who is it for? This one covers the widest range of players due to its speed and forgiveness. Think mid-handicap and up OR slower speed players looking for that extra bit of muscle.

Middle Ground

APEX ’21

Apex ’21: Mid Launch, mid-spin, adjustable, slightly deeper face ALA Epic Super Hybrid, and a solid iron replacement for those looking for a 3, 4, or 5-iron option. I call this the middle ground because (in my testing), it sat smack in the middle of them all for speed, launch, spin, and forgiveness. It performs closer to an iron in terms of responsiveness (than those above) but still provides enough speed and forgiveness to provide an uptick in that part of the bag. This one is popular on the LPGA and Champions Tour for that very reason.

Who is it for? Anyone. Tour to high handicap. It’s an excellent design, and with the adjustability, it gives the player the ability to harmonize it with the rest of the iron set. I REALLY love this one.

Players Profile

Apex Pro 21′

Apex Pro: Player’s shape, forward CG, lower launch, responsive, mid-spin, 5-wood or 3-iron replacement.

Who is it for? PGA Tour, Low handicap players. This is a true players hybrid with a smaller footprint and designed around shot shaping, gapping club off the 3-wood, or in some cases, a 4-iron alternative. Think mid-launch, mid-spin, fade-biased, and versatile. Of the player profiles, I spun this one a bit more than Rogue ST Pro (below)

Rogue ST Pro

Rogue ST Pro: Smallest footprint of the bunch. Shallow profile with a neutral CG that allows for workability. Mid to high launch and mid to low spin. Good long iron replacement.

Who is it for? It’s the same as Apex Pro, but in my testing, this one transitioned into the iron set a bit easier due to its look and spin profile. Versus my Rogue ST Pro 4-iron (22), I hit the Rogue ST Pro (23) only 5 yards further but launched it higher with roughly the same spin (Only 150RPMs less). I’m considering putting one in as a backup club when I play shorter courses. It makes a very compelling argument as a 220 club.

Choosing a Hybrid:

This is where it gets interesting, so I have a few questions I ask myself before a decision is made…

  • Do I have a gapping problem?

If my 5-wood goes 235 and my 4-iron goes 195, I have a problem. In this case, I could put a 21-degree hybrid in and utilize the extra 10-15 yards to fix the hole. There is a point of diminishing returns for many players, and it typically happens around the 4 or 5-iron. It’s that spot where you swing the 5-iron as fast as the 4-iron, and the gaps get REALLY tight. If this is the case, TRY A HYBRID.

  • Do I need launch?

In my case, no. I hit them all plenty high, BUT if I needed to get the ball up in the 21 -degree to 26-degree section of my set, I wouldn’t hesitate to put a hybrid there.

  • Do I have problems with high lofted fairway woods?

Hybrids are the way to go if the shape, length, or overall idea of a lofted fairway bothers you. Some players are fine with a 3-wood but get twitchy when the loft goes up. In all honesty, I think hybrids are a better fit for most in the 5-wood area because players can hit down on them a bit easier, and in most cases, they are easier to turn over. It’s also a nice transition into the rest of the irons. The shorter the shaft, the steeper the delivery, and a hybrid profile will act and feel more like an iron than a 42-inch 5-wood that may not spin enough. This isn’t gospel, just something to think about.

So what did we learn?

As I have said quite often, EVERY CLUB IN YOUR BAG HAS A JOB. Like a sports team; those positions are earned by performance. Plain and Simple. When selecting a hybrid or any club in your bag, ask yourself WHY? WHAT AM I GAINING? If the answer is “just a new stick,” that ain’t good enough.

Golf technology has evolved to the point where performance coupled with honest strategy can change your game in ways you didn’t know were possible. It’s chess, not checkers and trust me when I say that these questions are the same ones PGA Tour players ask every year.

So, when you are hybrid hunting and aren’t sure what you need, start from your bag and work backward, get honest, ask yourself the questions above, and kick your ego aside for a minute or two. I’ve done it. I wanted to play MBs, TCBs, etc., and I suffered for it. I evaluated where I struggled, and the truth was I needed forgiving irons…hello Rogue ST Pro, and I ain’t looking back, and If a time comes when my 4-iron or 5-iron is costing me shots…ill be standing right next to you looking for a hybrid. True Story.

For more information click this link!!

Callaway Hybrids

Happy Hunting and if you have any questions DM me at Johnny_Wunder on the IG:)


Click link to go to the hybrid of your choice:)

Epic Super Hybrid

Rogue ST Max

Apex 21

Apex Pro

Rogue ST Pro



  1. David VanDenBerg

    April 27, 2022 at 7:57 am

    I am about to buy a new set of clubs in the Rogue range. I currently have a 4 Rogue X hybrid with a Aldila 50HY-R shaft which is working very well for me.
    Please advise which would be a suitable replacement in the new Rogue range of clubs as i am very happy with the one i have.

    • Johnny Wunder

      April 27, 2022 at 1:49 pm

      Hi David,

      Give the Rogue ST Max OS a try. The hope is that you get a bit more launch and my hunch is you will pick up a few yards in carry:)

  2. David Weekes

    April 30, 2022 at 3:11 pm

    I’m left handed play off16.1 and am very disappointed that the range of LH hybrids ie most only go to 5 or 6. I play 4 5 6 7 and an adjusted 7 to 8 .And the new ranges in LH are very limited. How can l update my equipment??

  3. Ben

    May 21, 2022 at 6:29 pm

    I use the 19 degree Callaway XR and I’m
    in love with it. I can get it out there 230/235 which means it puts me in a good spot for all par 4s that aren’t crazy long.

    What’s the best current hybrid to replace it (when I eventually retire it with a teary eye) ?

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