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The Grind Series Episode #2: The “S” Grind

In every wedge line, there is one that represents the perfect middle ground. It will theoretically work in soft and firm conditions, has enough bounce to help the diggers, and is low enough to compliment the shallow players. That is where we land with the new Jaws Raw “S.”

We can call it the Jack of All Trades grind, not to say that the word “versatility” doesn’t apply to all grinds in the lineup, but the S is versatile to virtually everyone.

Let’s take a deeper look.

Click the link for all the info on Jaws Raw:

If you look closely at the Jaws Raw lineup, you will see that the “S” travels up and down the loft package, from 48 all the way to 60. Why? It’s your “fastball down the middle” wedge that services the player looking to play a lot of square face shots, all while having the option to lay it open and have just enough relief to hit a variety of shots. On TOUR, for example, the grind counts for a good percentage of the wedges in play every week. For every “X” or “Z” grind, there is usually at least one “S” to compliment it, and it’s usually the 50-52 or 54-56 due to just how balanced it is. It’s the perfect combination of a great fairway and around the green wedge.

As you will see in the latest edition of “The Grind Series,” I put the S thru the paces and kind of fell in love with it…again. I’ve played a lot of good golf with this shape, and in many instances over the past three months, I wonder why I don’t just surrender to the S…we shall see.

This is what Wedge Master Roger Cleveland had to say on the “S”

“It is universal. Elegant out of bunkers due to its added bounce. It has enough bounce for softer turf conditions but, at the same time, is forgiving in firm conditions as well. Add the chamfer, and it’s brilliant. Especially if you hesitate to add loft, which is usually not necessary anyway, it’s the one grind we don’t alter all that much in a general sense; there is a reason it works so well in the lower lofts; squared up, this wedge blends perfectly into the loft and bounce packages you see in full iron sets. It’s def the workhorse of the bunch.”

Tech Specs of the Jaws Raw S-Grind

Metal: 8620 High Carbon Alloy Steel Casting (High B on the Rockwell Scale, AKA It’s SOFT)
Head Weight: Starts at 304G
Stated/Actual Bounce: 10 degrees plays like 13 with the Chamfer
Chamfer Bounce: 27 Degrees

My Thoughts

In my time at Callaway, I have tried various combinations of wedge set-ups and truthfully only really tried the “S” in the 50 or 52. I’m a player that prefers that “low” bounce in the 60 and as much bounce as possible in the 54. Nonetheless, in my testing of the Jaws Raw line in late February of this year, I was shocked at how well the “S” performed for me in the higher lofts, and I’m confident it’s due to the new leading edge and higher CG. I could see this wedge getting serious looks in the higher lofts on TOUR. It already gets plenty of action from 48-56, but with the new design, I anticipate the 60/10S will get some playing time. There is something about it that is catching eyes, and out on the chipping green, it’s always the grind that a ton of our players that may play other grinds will request to get sent home as a “Tester”. What does that mean? Essentially “I like my X-grind, but this one has my attention.”

At this point, it remains the workhorse in the mid lofts, BUT two players (Christiaan Bezuidenhout and Dylan Frittelli) have them at 60 and are VERY close to putting them in the bag after the Fed Ex Playoffs. I’ll keep you posted.

“Lack of tweaking/changing was the big one for me. S is the most versatile across different conditions, especially when I used to play in Europe, Asia, and South Africa. It Meant I didn’t have to switch like lots of guys did, and for me, that’s a huge benefit.”

-Dylan Frittelli

The dominant term (On Tour) I’ve heard around the “S” is “Simplicity.” Might be a lesson in there for us all; sometimes, the simplest option is the one with the MOST answers. I’ll put that theory to the test this fall as I dig into these even more.

Look for Episode #3 of the Grind Series next week and much more content to come on WOW.

You can buy Jaws Raw in stores or click the link for More Info

Happy Hunting

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