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TOUR REPORT: Farmers Insurance Open

It was a #homegame for Team Callaway this week at the Farmers Insurance Open (Torrey Pines North/South) with multiple players testing on site and at Ely Callaway Performance Center.

The team this week consisted of Tour Manager Jacob Davidson, Kellen Watson, Simon Wood and Dean Teykl (ECPC). For Odyssey, Tour rep Joe Toulon and Eric Stubben.

It’s still very early in the PGA Tour schedule but thus far the #gorogue conversion number continues to rise with over 80% of our staff putting the new driver in play, not to mention multiple free agents/non-staffers testing the product.

The key feedback overall is speed in combination with down-range dispersion. What that looks like in the air is a ball that starts on the correct lines and holds its shape all the way down. Apex UW had similar feedback and we all know how that club is doing:)

The new golf ball is KILLING IT out on Tour. Almost everyone has swapped into the new models and the overall feedback for CSX is it’s FASTER but didn’t change performance-wise. In regards to LS the praise has been fast and furious with players like Akshay (KFT) and Leish (at Torrey) loving the softer cover and how this ball performs from 100 and in. It’s going to be a HUGE golf ball year. It’s already happening, the word is out.

Enjoy the Report!

Rahmbo made some tweaks:

I was with JR quite a bit this week and he did make a few subtle tweaks to the bag. In my opinion what Kellen Watson and Co. did on this was not only interesting but resulted in a happy #1.

Last week Rahm put a Rogue ST Proto in the bag but it was TOO hot. What he wanted was to go back to a club that he could hit a hard cut at 3500RPMs and a draw at 3100-3200RPMs. The new version dipped in spin a bit too much so KW built a new ES💎💎💎T with more balanced external weighting and some rat glue in the back.
Jon also put a new 60 in the bag. He is in LOVE with the 60/08W that he has had in the bag the past few weeks, but on shots from 60-70 yards, the CG placement caused a bit of a higher launch window, so he went back to the Jaws Forged and had Roger take a bit off the leading edge. The Jaws Forged has a higher CG than W and launches a bit lower. Roger and Jon are working on a W with more weight up top as Jon loves the shape and sole of that model.
Notice the leading edge, that allows a bit more relief on shots squared up so it won’t dig.

Danny Lee found a HEATER:

Danny was previously in a 💎💎💎LS with an MCA Tensei Orange AV Raw 65TX (tipped 2); the ball speed numbers were there, but the dispersion was off and he had a “big miss” he was fighting. The setup didn’t square up the way he needed it to so KW swapped him into a Ventus Red (tipped 1), and not only did Danny get the launch he wanted, but ball speed clipped 180+, and his dispersion got tighter. The Ventus Red is a high launching/low spin part with a stiff handle section. Danny likes the head to sit a certain way, and switching to a profile like Red gives him what he wants without sacrificing loft and face angles.

Sam Burns makes some wedge tweaks and he’s KILLING the new driver:

It’s been interesting to watch the 50-52 degree section of Tour bags shift over the past year. Sam and his coach Brad Pullin analyzed his performance over the past year and noticed he was giving up a bit in the 125-150 section of his bag (PW, GW). Sam was previously in the Jaws MD5 Raw (46/10S, 50/10S) but switched to the TCB PW and AW over the break. Based on the TrackMan combine work, they saw a drastic improvement in spin/launch and overall dispersion.

Kevin Yu has a new Rocket 3-wood in the bag:

Young Callaway staffer Kevin Yu swapped in a new 3-wood this week at the Farmers. Kevin has been going back and forth between an Epic Speed (retail) head and the new Rogue ST LS. This new LS head gave Kevin a bit more ball speed than his previous gamer and a higher launch, which he was looking for. This kid is a STRIPE SHOW.

Chris Stroud is a man close to my heart:

Cally staffer Chris Stroud put some new Apex ’21 4 and 5 Irons in the bag this week. In that section of the bag, he wanted some more ball speed and launch without having to dip into a UT-type club. The Apex’ 21 offers a ton of forgiveness and speed BUT also is quite responsive for players looking to move the ball around. Stroud’s Apex 21′ were bent a bit weak (22/26) to gap against the rest of his set. A bit of weight was grinder off the back portion to dial in swing weight.

Final Notes:

MCA has a new Blue Diamana profile to match up with the PD

Fujikura has had some early success with the new TR part with a ton of our staff testing, its getting VERY good feedback across the board and I think the 7X/8X will land in a bunch of fairways and UW’s.

Jon Rahm put a new Putter Grip on his blank Rossie OG

Xander had his whole set re-gripped with Golf Pride MCC Black/White

Danny Lee tested Rogue ST LS 3-woods with Ventus Red and Blue 7X

Ryan Alford put an Apex UW (19) with an MCA Tensei White AV Raw 85TX in the bag

Phil is sticking with his Rogue ST 💎💎💎 Proto 3-wood

And…….the first Proto Rogue ST 💎💎💎T heads showed up (Rahm Head) but no pics just yet, I made a promise:) It’s insane.

Next week:

We are at Pebble Beach next week for the AT&T Pro-Am, lots more to cover, and we have a bunch of Callaway loyalists in the Pro-Am field, so the WITB section could be fascinating.

New Chrome Soft is out on Friday the 28th FYI. They are game changers.





  1. Austin

    January 26, 2022 at 6:44 pm

    Coming in and reading these articles is my highlight of every week.. absolutely insane that Rahmbo had to move back to the ES because the ST was too hot. Can’t wait for next week’s “common golfer” WITB

  2. Rob Bauchman

    January 26, 2022 at 11:32 pm

    Love how the putter cover pays homage to SD military and and TP’s history (before it was my home track). Will these covers be for sale?

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