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101: Why is the 2-Ball 10 so good?

It’s an honest question. Let’s face it there are multiple putter designs by a number of companies that are phenomenal. So how did Callaway raise the bar even further? How did they make a putter that was not only stable but gave the player a user experience that provides the feel of a proven gamer. Trust me, it’s happening on TOUR as we speak. I’ve seen Odyssey rep Joe Toulon convert more staffers (and non-staffers) who were staunch Anser style players into a head that would seem like going to Mars from an optics standpoint. The key ingredient in my opinion is balance.

Quick Thought: 

I just put the 2B10 in play after absolutely loving the Toulon Vegas I was gaming. The biggest difference I’m seeing after a few rounds is how easy it is to hit my lines. Case in point, left to right putts are my nemesis. I’m constantly having the issue of either hitting it thru the break or missing my mark and losing it low. With 2B10 I’m not having that issue at all. Are they all going in? No. Am I making more than before? Yes, and when I do miss I’m catching parts of the hole and giving myself a fair chance. Now I’ll brag a bit and say mine has the White Hot insert…and red Stroke Lab shaft:) But it’s not the insert or curb appeal that’s making it perform. It’s the ease of alignment and head stability that is doing all the work. I challenge you to give it a shot, even if you are a purist and refuse to go the way of the tech mallet. 2B10 is a thing. It works, and as time goes by you will see this putter literally everywhere on TOUR. I’m out here. I’m watching it happen.

So in my opinion how was the bar raised? What makes it so good? Odyssey took the stability idea, put the 2-Ball on it, added a great shaft, great insert, and BOOM, a unicorn blade. It’s just that simple.

I had a chance to speak with Joe Toulon during some rare downtime on the truck and this is what he had to say:

JW: If you had to describe 2-Ball 10 in one sentence, what would you say? Give me the elevator pitch.

JT: It has the now legendary 2-Ball alignment that has proven to work for a wide variety of players in a modern, sleek, eye-pleasing shape.

JW: Why do you think so many players are switching over? Can you put your finger on a specific reason?

JT: I’d say the shape is catching eyes and ease of alignment is huge. When you have a putter that looks good at address, is easy to line up, and rolls it great, it’s kind of an easy sell to the best players in the world.

JW: How much does the head weight come into play for the performance of the 2-Ball 10? Would this idea work with say a 325G head?

JT: Yes this head will work at any weight but keep in mind rear weight creates MOI IE stability. The most important thing is swing weight and making sure the player feels the balance they need to make a natural stroke. Weight lives in different ways when it comes to putters but essentially it’s the balanced weight system of the head that makes it very stable at impact all while swinging correctly.

JW: On TOUR, how much (from a percentage standpoint) does alignment play into the final decision for a player.

JT: Alignment is player dependent so in some cases, yes but for others it’s the other boxes, feel, nostalgia, speed off the face, sound, etc. I think 2B10 has the ability to check off a ton of boxes especially with the options we have in regards to inserts and neck settings. As specific as the putter may look, its quite versatile in regards to who it could work for. We thought of everyone when designing this.

JW: Does the stroke lab shaft play a huge roll into the effectiveness of this style of head?

JT: The stroke lab shafts just adds an extra element of performance to all of our putters. To have a component that enhances feel, stability, and rhythm all in concert with a high-performing head gives us a putter that simply performs. The amount of play we are getting is reflecting that.

JW: Jon Rahm put this in play right outta the gate, can you tell us a bit about the testing process? What did he respond to?

JT: Rahm played a 2-Ball in college so we knew we had an edge there. It’s also a shape he knows and had success with. The one big thing was moving him into a double-bend shaft. That enabled him to address the putt with little adjustment and solely focus on line and speed. The putter sat flush put his hands in a good spot and in that we were able to eliminate one extra variable to his process.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steve Branch

    November 6, 2021 at 4:18 pm

    I have considered ordering the 2B10 Arm Lock putter but…..You recently make a big deal of returning to the white hot insert but I don’t see it offered on my choice of putter. Even though the article by Johnny Wunder says he has it I on his. Why not available to the public?

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