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My 2022 Year-in-Review, Photo Gallery, and final thoughts…

2022 was my first FULL year on TOUR. In ’21, the year didn’t start until Mid-March, and looking back on what the West Coast Swing and Launch season are really like, I feel like you could pack a whole year into just those two months; it’s nutty. The Callaway machine is an impressive one to behold; coming from the media side, you don’t realize just how BIG it is until you become a small cog in the huge wheel.

I had an incredible year. Relationships grew, I got wiser, my equipment IQ went from master class to damn near Dumbledoor, and I expanded my expertise into different areas as a member of the Callaway Tour Team. I’ll get to my goals for ’23 when I conclude this photo journal, but I want to thank you all for following along, asking questions, and pushing me to know more, do more, and elevate.

It’s been a wild ride, to say the least, but these were my Top 5 Favorite moments of 2022

Let’s begin:

The New Callaway Performance Trailer: We lost the black beauty and picked up and upgraded to a traveling golf equipment mecca. In my opinion, any truck on TOUR is pretty damn cool but what we upgraded to is simply breathtaking. It became an equipment hub, build shop, and cool hangout for the best players in the world. I can’t believe I call this place my office.

Adios, it was a great ride.
Hello beautiful:)

My first Open Championship at St. Andrews: Of any experience I have had in my time with Callaway, going to the Open at St. Andrews was the pinnacle. The place, the people, and the vibe were all beyond my wildest dreams. I didn’t deserve that one from a karma standpoint. Felt like I was getting away with something.

Rogue Race: Whenever my boss Jeff Neubarth gets the opportunity to throw the kitchen sink at something, it ultimately results in Golf content insanity…in the best way. With Rogue Race, the idea was twofold, showcasing the product first and foremost but also putting our athletes in a scenario that was fun, unpredictable, and in some cases, humbling. Of the content series we have produced, this was by far the most ambitious and fun. Sam Burns was my obvious partner, and its a memory we will share forever; we had a BLAST. We literally never stopped laughing.

Brookline: It was WILD. That was my biggest takeaway from U.S. Open week. From the time I drove into The Country Club on Sunday morning, I knew I was at a U.S. Open. The intensity, the visuals, the perfect venue…all of it. To add fuel to the fire, external golf news was going on at the time, making everything about that week feel like we were in the center of the universe. The vibe was INTENSE.

My Crew: Every week, I get to go to work with some amazing people. The best in the business, in my opinion, and I’m still humbled by the insane amount of wisdom I’m witness to week in and week out. I have a family out here, I love this crew; without them, my job doesn’t exist.

From left: Dean Teykl, Joe Toulon, Kellen Watson, Jacob Davidson, Greg Shaw, Pete Harrison (Europe), Tim Reed, Ian Garbutt (Europe), Eric Stubben, and some guy.
Team Europe From Left: Chin Tozar, Kath O’Conner, Seamus Sweeney, Jason Eilerd, Paul Monks, Some guy, Ian Garbutt, Tim Reed, Pete Harrison, Scott Pudney, Jacob Davidson.

Looking at 2023…

I have pretty ambitious goals going into 2023. As I become more ingrained in the Tour machine, my sights are set on becoming more a part of the process and essentially elevating to someone that not only observes but actually does. My fitting chops have become pretty solid, I can build at a tick above a novice, and my player and product knowledge are very strong. Let’s be honest, I’m 46, and if you ain’t growing, you’re dying. This year’s content will be just a tick above a serious rabbit hole. We have new creators to work with, an insanely good troth of products, and our Tour staff is as strong as ever. Trust me; we have players coming off the KFT that make my jaw drop.

I’m looking at this year as a do-or-die scenario. The table is set for THE YEAR that we separate ourselves from the competition and become the clear dominant force in Golf content creation. I’m going to run really hard in ’23. If I do what I want to do, the WOW platform will be at the top of the hill across all golf media. Ambitious, I know, but ego and ambition got me here. I’ll go as hard as I can until someone tells me to stop; the only way I know how.


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